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Case Studies

Physician Appointments

Most health plans have a high percentage of members that are difficult to reach as a result of bad phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses which makes it impossible for health plan providers to communicate with their members. Members will suffer from much needed preventive care and important medical prescriptions not being prescribed or refilled. This situation causes an increase with pricey emergency room and hospital visits which will impact the Health Plan’s efficiencies.

Health Risk Assessment

Healthcare plans face challenges with delivering the best services to their members. The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an essential first step in getting health cost under control. By understanding the challenges and health habits of members, health plans are better able to address their needs, closing more gaps in care. Healthcare providers use health assessments to identify prospective members, engage with them to seek medical care and ultimately schedule appointments.


Health plans with strong member engagement will impact satisfaction and build a trusting relationship with members and improve quality and satisfaction measures like CAHPS and HOS scores. Personalizing the member experience with unique offerings such as incentives to generate higher overall ratings.

Member Survey

Driving new members to complete a new member survey utilizing the best outreach method for the individual such as text, email, or mail. When members receive communication through desired methods, they will remain engaged and increase completion rates.